Once upon a time, when cars were first sold to consumers, coloured paint jobs were limited. This was meant to cut time and costs on the assembly line, making it the first affordable car for average middle class folks. These days, colour is as important to some buyers as make and model. Take a look at some popular shades, and why you might choose to buy them.

White & Silver

White and silver has long been the most popular choice of car colours across all parts of the world. The reasons for this appear to be both practical and aesthetic. It may seem counter intuitive, but white and silver shades of car stay cleaner longer. Dirt is less visible, so lighter shades need washes less frequently. This is because the dirty which lands on cars turns out to be more of a greyish dusty colour when you look at it up close.

White and silver cars have also been shown to stay cooler than darker shades of cars. This is because white and silver actually reflects light, whereas black absorbs it, causing black things to heat up. As car temperatures can reach scorching when left in the sun, choosing your colour certainly makes a difference if you're not a fan of sweltering in hot weather.

Bright colours

Bright coloured cars are becoming more popular, especially in Australia, where blues, citrus and pastels are making a comeback. These colours are attention-grabbing, energetic and certainly show off a bit of character. However, new car buyers may have another reason to choose brightly coloured cars.

Studies have shown that bright coloured cars are statistically less likely to get stolen. The reason for this is not because car thieves want to remain inconspicuous, but because black, silver and white cars tend to have better resale value. If you're worried about getting your car stolen, if you live in a dodgy area, or simply can't afford insurance, then maybe hot pink is the way to go.


Black is classic car colour that never goes out of style. It's commonly used in advertisements for the biggest car manufacturers, and it really shows off the contours and design of a spanking new model. Apparently, these aesthetic benefits come at a cost. We know by now that black cars appear dirtier than other shades and need to be washed more frequently, and that black cars get hottest in summer.

But according to a recent study, black cars are also have more crashes. Black cars are almost 50% more likely to be involved in car accidents, and this appears to be because they are less visible than lighter colours, even in daylight hours. While quality of driving far outweighs the influence of car colour on crash-likelihood, this may be a warning to perk up, especially if you're in a dark-coloured car. 

Who said the colour option of a car was just an option of luxury? Learn more about these and other colours by contacting local lots like Performance Automobiles.