There are different types of vehicles which are appropriate for use when moving into a new home. The common include pickups, large trucks and cargo vans. Alternatively, you can choose to hire an unpowered trailer to haul your residential materials conveniently. The trailer is a good choice because it allows you to use your own vehicle to haul the containment.

There are diverse trailers available for hire in reliable rental companies therefore selecting the right item to suit your needs can be challenging. Here are the main factors to consider so that you will ensure that the chosen moving trailer is ideal:

Type of Trailer

The most appropriate trailer type for your residential move will depend on the nature of goods that you are hauling. There are two primary types of trailers in most rental establishments: cargo and utility. The cargo trailer is a fully enclosed containment which is designed to offer maximum protection to your goods. It is an ideal choice for long-distance moves because it will prevent the damage of items by adverse weather conditions such as rain. You can also leave the trailer unattended because the containment can be locked securely.

The utility trailer has an open top which offers more flexibility than the cargo alternative when packing the goods. It is ideal for transporting bulky items such as furniture and equipment. You can protect the items from inclement weather conditions by using a canvas or plastic cover. On the other hand, this is not an ideal choice for long-distance travel which requires leaving the trailer unattended.

Vehicle's Towing Capacity

You should determine your vehicle's hauling capacity before choosing the ideal trailer. If the trailer maximum recommended weight when loaded exceeds the towing capacity, you will expose yourself to the risk of road accidents. You could experience financial losses if you damage the trailer or vehicle. In addition, there are legal ramifications linked to failing to comply with the maximum towing capacity. Your vehicle's towing capacity is recorded in the owner's manual and on the door jamb. Naturally, a larger vehicle will be able to haul larger trailers than smaller alternatives.

Weight and Volume of Goods

The weight and volume of the goods will help you make the final decision of the right trailer. The most important parameter is the weight because it will affect the performance of the vehicle. You should ensure that the combined weight of the trailer and moving goods is less than towing capacity. Weigh your belongings, make generous estimates and determine the total weight.

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